Spread Thy Wings

Spread Thy Wings is an old hymn written by Thomas Kelly originally published under the name What Is Life, ‘Tis But a Vapor but then reworked and published by Baird under the new name, Spread Thy Wings.  Not a lot is known about this old text, yet hymn-hound Clint Wells found this gem and set it to some modern music. Kudos, Clint!

This is my first studio recorded song for this decade and my friend and studio recording engineer student, Jenn Nulsen (keep an eye on this one—>she’s going places) invited me into her school’s studio to record some project work.  This was one of the results.

Lyrics::Thomas Kelly

Music::Clint Wells

Acoustic Guitar::Dan Thomas

Percussion::Don Bassette

Recorded::Mixed::Mastered::Jennifer Nulsen

Recorded::Hartt Recording Studio::University of Hartford


Verse 1: What is life?  ‘Tis all a vapor.  Soon it vanishes away.  Life is like a dying taper.  Oh, my soul why wish to stay?

Chorus: Why not spread thy wings and fly? Straight to yonder worlds of joy.  Spread thy wings and fly. Straight to yonder worlds of joy.

Verse 2: See that glory how resplendent. Brighter far than fancy paints.  There in majesty transcendent. Eyes fixed on His boundless grace.

Verse 3: Joyful crowds, His throne surrounding.  Sing with rapture of His love. Through the heavens His praises sounding. Fill Thy emerald courts above.

Verse 4: Go and share His people’s glory midst the ransom crowd appear.  Thine a joyful wondrous story. One that angels longs to hear.

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