Love Power::Ken Ferretti::Producer


Ken Ferretti::Producer::Keyboards::Guitar
Joey six aka “liljoe6string”::Electric Guitar
Dave Boyer::Bass
{THE} FIGSOUNDS::Percussion
Kim Noble::Vocals::Lyrics

This is the longest stretch of time in production, so far, that I have been involved with working for my good and trusted friend-Producer, Ken. This was the second contemporary song I auditioned for and is just finally seeing the end but it was well-worth the wait. With the famous “lilJoe6” on lead electric guitar, the steady thump of heart-pounding bass by Dave Boyer, and the last minute treasure of FIGSOUNDS powerful percussion now driving the song–this pop song received an infusion that none of us realized would happen when it first was being composed. We are very grateful!


There’s a love power that’s stronger than anything inside of me.
It keeps me going and pressing on and helps me to believe.

It has no boundaries in this world or fear of anything.
And lifts me up to higher ground where I can freely breathe.

I find myself needing to draw from its endless stream.
For without this love power I’d fall from grace too easily.

It’s a love power

It takes and changes me
And builds my faith and sets me free
From the effects of others faults and hurts
And helps forgive them easily.
It breaks and humbles me
If I try to run it comes for me.
And I know that I am never free
Until my blind eyes start to really see
That it’s a love power.

2014 Copyright Kim


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