Don’t Fool Me Again::Enrico Nichelatti::Producer


Enrico Nichelatti::Producer::Mix::Additional Instruments
George Plopper::Upright Bass
Tommaso Monopoli::Percussion
Staffan Karlsson::Melody Arrangement
Suzann Baldwin::Lyrics
Kim Noble::Vocals

Well, it seems I seek out every possible Italian producer but there really aren’t as many around as I seem to bother. 🙂 Enrico is a highly skilled, classically trained (ABRSM grade 8) producer and musician who has allowed me to sing this wonderful tune that my (rock star) friend, Staffan found for me. Adding in Sue’s wonderfully delightful lyrics and a band of talented musicians, and you have a lovely, fun tune that was joy to sing! Can you guess what the song is about? Answer found at the very bottom. 🙂


Can’t help feeling blue, walking
down the avenue.
One minute you were my friend.
The next you just disappeared.
I wish someone had made sure
that manhole cover was secured.
No way you could survive,
make it out alive.

An accident meant to happen.
There was no way to avoid
a trap that was meant
for an old friend who was about to
turn state’s evidence on me.
I practiced shouting in surprise,
shedding fake tears for all to see.
If I play this right
everyone will think it’s only a
tragic catastrophe.

I’d tried one time before now
but somehow the brakes still worked.
You had been going up a hill
and the brakes just died and jerked.
Seems you had some luck with you
but this time it has run out.
I made sure the tunnel was dark and deep so,
now I have no doubt.

2014 Copyright Suzann Baldwin

{A. It’s about a mobster hit… from an Italian Producer! Yes!}

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