Rise Up::Christian Renz::Producer


Christian Renz::Producer::Mix::Keys::Bass::Drums::Additional Instruments::Lyrics
D. Rasolonirina::Backup Vocals
Kim Noble::Lead Vocal::Backup Vocals

Christian Renz (www.renzwertig.com) is a worship leader from Shanghai, China and wrote this song for a Conference back in January. He wanted to have a production of it and here is the result. Diana added some terrific backup vocals to make the song a beautiful, worshipful song as unto our Lord. Enjoy!


Rise up O people of God
Take hold of the calling given to you
Rise up O people of God
Walk in His authority
Rise up O people of God
Cling to your King with all of your love
Rise up O people of God
Giving Him your everything
Letting go of all the things that hold you back.
Fix your eyes on Jesus your King.
We walk in your blessing;
We walk in your power;
We walk in the promises of God.
Proclaiming your kingdom
Proclaiming your favor
Proclaiming the glory of our God.

2 thoughts

  1. Well done Kim. i like it. btw. the voice recording improved a lot. Don’t know what has been done differently, but it is better… Till later, Bart

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