Sometimes::Producer::David Dolinsky


David Dolinsky::Producer::Mix::Lead Vocal::Lyrics::Guitar

George Schiessl::Synth::Bass::Guitar
Simon Kerbusch::Keyboard
Kim Noble::Backup Vocals

It’s an odd practice to post and feature a song where you sing backup vocals but I just had to with this one. And, for those who know me, I’m never really one to back down from odd, yes? 🙂

David Dolinsky (South Nyack, New York) is one of those artists you immediately gravitate toward because of his soft approach and easy-going style. His songwriting and arrangements rival some of the best around in the industry and he could easily be a coffee-house favorite; driving cross-country must; and cherished concert memory. You never know where he is going to be next. A local area hot spot or a YouTube video, he is an artist you will want to watch for many years to come.

Check out his YouTube video of this original recording found here:

And please stay tuned because I hope David and I will be working on some more upcoming projects together… maybe even a fun announcement here and there. Enjoy! 🙂


Verse 1
I can see your face
When I close my eyes
And I can hear your voice
So clear in my mind.

Verse 2
And everyday I try
To do the best that I can
Cause all I wanna be
Is the man that you think I am.

And sometimes love can lift you high
And sometimes love can make you cry
And sometimes love can make you feel amazing.

And sometimes love can ease your mind
And sometimes love can pass you by
And sometimes love can heal you of all of your pain.

Verse 3
When I hold your hand
I feel no pain
Like the sunshine on my face
Just after it rains

Verse 4
And if I had a choice
How I want my life to be
Well I would always choose us
Cause you’re everything to me.

And life can be so complicated
Just trying to deal with the ups and downs
But you and me somehow we made it
Cause my life is so much better when you’re around.

Written by David Dolinsky September 2013


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