This Morning::Pascal Lopez::Producer

The song, This Morning, took on a life of its own. There ended up being three fantastic versions of the same lyrics. All different melodies, instruments, and vocalists. This is the first one that was officially completed. Nicola (Italy) laid a sweet, romantic groove in his signature way, and Mikael (Sweden) joined in the fun soon after. Then, Pascal (France) came and took the song to a whole knew level, completely to everyone’s delighted surprise. We hope you enjoy listening to this song about love… almost lost… but lost? We never really know how the story ends for these two. 🙂 🙂

Lyric Video:


Pascal Lopez(Pascaloubien)::Producer::Mix::Master::Muted Guitar::Synth
Nicola Offidani::Guitar::Synth::Piano::Percussion
Mikael LIndh(FretNoises)::Lead Guitar
Kim Noble(KimNobleMusic)::Lyrics::Vocals

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