Don’t Blame Me::Nicola Offidani::Producer

Don’t Blame Me…. if you like this track… because I had very little to do with it. Nicola Offidani’s soulful musical groove with Joey 6’s “cherries” electric guitar solo. Adding in some skillful German engineering by Steffen Offermann as this track’s protective handler and featuring, Nick Barnhart from San Diego inserting an intro and outro rap vocal with one-of-a-kind style and finesse.

Honestly, this is my kids’ favorite track of the songs I’ve published so far… and all because of the rap. Hope you enjoy it too!


Nicola Offidani::Producer::Guitars, Bass, Piano, Synth, Backup Vocals
Steffen Offermann{Stoman}::Mix, Master
Joey 6{LilJoe6string}::Guitar
Nick Barnhart{NickB1111}::Rap Vocals {@nicholas-barnhart-2}
Kim Noble::Lyrics::Lead Vocal::Backup Vocals

{Rap Lyrics:}
-VERSE 1 You’re a ten times ten to me, I feel you physically and mentally/ Because what you mean to me, or meant to me, is that we were meant to be/ I took a risk I’ll take it again, looked past your faults to break it again/ To make amends I’ll say it again, I love you now let’s stop playing friends.

-VERSE 2 Its been so long since I’ve seen your face/ Remember the time, remember the place/ Remember the way, I believed what you’d say/ You’re my hundred, you’re my ace/ Those things don’t change, still remain the same/ Born in love and instilled in pain/ Let’s paint a portrait forget the frame/ I love your voice when you say my name/ Blinding lights soon become clear/ Reckless heart, not an ounce of fear/ Let’s stop time and watch the years/ While others argue and fight back tears/ The world is simple, I’m here to live/ Handle my bizz, and leave back kids/ Not here for the kicks with you in the mix/ I said forever, no quick fix/ I took my beatings, I took my licks/ But I’m still here to deliver you this/ Just one name on the top of my list/ Don’t blame me girl, it is what it is.
2015 copyright Nick Barnhart

Don’t blame me for falling for you. It’s not my fault you’re the perfect you. Label me simple or a crazy fool. This feeling’s too easy…loving you.
I don’t care that you don’t think Too much of me or my love offerings. Sometimes the best parts of what I lack Have nothing to do with what I’d get back.
You don’t like what you don’t know. The mystery of love is it’s better off shown. I don’t expect anything in return. Even if only it’s just on your terms.
2015 copyright Kim Noble

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