Sweet Lullaby::Producer::Nicola Offidani

A sweet, easy-going yet powerful lullaby containing many contrasts both in musical composition and lyrical form. Special thank you to Andy (AndrewB) who gave such depth and refinement to this piece, And George (GeorgeSC) who laid a heart-warming bass line. And then Mike (Slackjaw1) came along and acted as mixing//mastering conductor of our mini-orchestra. We hope you enjoy this dramatic interpretation of a lullaby.


Nicola Offidani::Producer::Guitar, Synth, Strings
George Schiessl::Bass
AndrewB::All Percussion
Mike Reeves::Mix::Master
Kim Noble::Lyrics, Vocals, Backup Vocals


Sweet Lullabye
A soft Lullaby
In the quiet and still of the night
For those moments that are sweet,
When the needs arise.
Sleep, sweet, Lullaby.

Then take me as I am.
A heart like a lion and the touch like a lamb.
Make me a promise I can find.
When the evening fades too quickly
And the moon tries to hide. Sleep, sweet, Lullaby.

Come find me as I am.
The fierce of a soldier with a soft gentle hand.
Take me away from this cruel life.
And sing me the songs that break through the night.
Sing me this, Sweet Lullaby.

2015 copyright Kim Noble

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