For Sure::Producer::Walter Paul Owen

What genre is this? Well, it’s got a little bit of everything: pop, rock, and even a little country or country alternative mixed in with some lounge feeling. The Producer, Walt, from Chicago, IL is one of those rough-n-tumble sweetheart of a guys who plays a mean guitar and makes dream productions. I’ve only had the opportunity to work with him a small bit but I hope to do more in the future.

George came and filled out the bottom end of this track with a rhythmic bass and jazzy synths while the Texas-based violinist added a wonderful fiddle part from Ben. We hope you enjoy this lounge pop song with country lyrics, flavor, and hint!


Walter Paul Owen::Producer::Mixing::Guitars::Percussion
George Schiessl::Bass::Synth::Organ
Ben Owen::Fiddle
Kim Noble::Lyrics::Vocals::Backup Vocals


Walk on by, don’t shed a tear for me.
I won’t be here, when you get back home.
You made me believe, I was yours, For Sure.
The kind of love that would last through the years.
I don’t want this pain no more.
I can finally take a hint you’re just bored.
No, I don’t want this pain no more.
Take everything you want, just leave this time, For Sure.

Forgive me if I don’t seem to care anymore.
You make this life hard to bear when you act this way.
I followed you around like you were all there was, For Sure.
But now I’ve wised up and I’m ready to be on my own.

2015 copyright Kim Noble

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