4th Ukulele Journey Video::Original Song::Free


Something a little different… just for fun!  Have had my ukulele 10 days now and loving it!! I hope you’re enjoying yours as well!! Recorded, one-take on my tablet all the way through.  🙂



Dm   Am     C       Am

[DM]I wanna take you in my arms run [Am]fast, run hard get lost in your charm where I’m [C]Free.

[Dm] It doesn’t matter where you are I’ll [Am]catch up to you and give you my heart to run [C]Free.

[Dm]Make a promise if you dare let me [Am]find you standing half way there; we’ll run [C]Free.

[Am]I give you my [F]everything
[Am]Turn back around and [F]come toward [C]me
[Am] And I will hold onto to [F]you

Dm   Am    C


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