Eye Like Punny Songs::Chords

Eye Like Punny Songs

[C]Eye like [G]punny jokes and silly [C7]rhymes,

And [F]poems that make you laugh and think about[C7] life.

[C]Eye like [G]funny songs that carry ewe along and [F]right some of the wrongs and make you wanna [C7]smile.

[F]To start us off we got a [C7]husband on a scale.

He’s [Dm]sucking in his gut and [Am]peering with [C7]wonder.

[F]His wife says to him, “Honey, [C7]that ain’t gonna help.”

He [Dm]responds, “Yeah, but now, I can [Am] see the [C7]numbers.”

[F]A Sunday School teacher asked her class,  [C7]“What did Jesus do? After being in a tomb?”

[Dm]She hinted, “It starts with the letter “R.”

[F]And with a lot of excitement, a girl [Am]yells,”Hey, I know… he (R)ecycled!”[C7]



[Dm]Did you ever ask yourself why koalas aren’t bears?

[C7]The answer is because they aren’t [Am] koala-fied.

[Dm]Have you ever wondered why It’s called pair-a-noia?

[C7]Because one-annoy-ya just [Am]isn’t enough!

[Dm]I sat up all night asking where the sun could be

[C7]Then, lo’ and behold, it [Am]*dawned* on me.

[Dm]And did you know you can tune ‘neath a piano lid

[C7]But you can never ever ever tune a tuna fish!


2016 copyright Kim Noble


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