6th Ukulele Video Journey::Original Song::Cheatin’Blues


Have had my ukulele 3 weeks and 1 day::Still addicted! 🙂 Debuting new original song::Cheatin’ Blues! 🙂

Chord Chart found here::

Cheatin’ Blues

2016 copyright Kim Noble

Capo 2nd fret

C  C   C7  C7

[C]I got the[C7] blues and [Am]you ain’t gotta [C]clue.

I [G]thought you played for [F]keeps; turns [C7]out you’re leavin’ me.[C]


[C]I don’t understand[C7] why [Am] I gotta hear this all second hand.[C]

[G]You tell all your [F] friends: That you  [C7]found somebody else ‘nd I’m [C7]  a dead [C]end.

[Dm]But you ain’t got the decency.  To [A7] tell me face to face … I got the Cheatin’[C] Blues.

[C]Don’t ever[C7] forget; that [Am] I’ll be your only [C]regret.

[G]Right now you got it [F] good. But [C7]one fine day you’ll fall where you [C] stood.



Strum – improv


C A7 A7 F F G C

C  C  C7   C7

[C]Life hold twists and [C7]turns. But [Am] I’m the one who thought I’d never be [C]burned.

[G]I hope she treats you [F]better than you [Am]ever ever ever treated [C] me.



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