My Soul’s Romance::Original Song for the Ukulele

Five weeks and 3 days! What a wonderful ride full of bumps, bruises and mostly blessings! 🙂 Here, I feature a brand new, original song on my upgraded acoustic-electric uke called, My Soul’s Romance.

Also, I created this Facebook Page called UkeBaby Kim 🙂 🙂 if anyone is interested in following this ukulele newbie. 🙂 My goal is simply to encourage anyone and everyone who wants it. Particularly those people who have been discouraged by inside fears and outside elitists. Will plan on posting encouragements, funnies, and thoughts for the journey as I travel! I will also include the chord charts for any original, ukulele songs and post some special collaborations where international friends have added mixing magic and instruments to some of the original songs to complete tracks. I have about 6 originals written for the ukulele if anyone wants very simple, easy, fluffy pop tunes to practice with. 🙂

Happy S(uke)nday to Everyone! 🙂


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