Original Song::Carmen–The Girl Everyone Should Know! :)

EEK!!! Happy Dappy Friday, Ya’ll!!! 🙂 I am #stoked and #blessed that my dear, lovely friend and Sister, Carmen and I are traveling to Europe for Carmen’s **first high adventure**. I could think of no better way to celebrate than write her a song! This will be the FIRST time I will get to fly WITH someone (all the other times, I’ve flown alone) and I couldn’t be more #GRATEFUL!! 🙂 I asked my dear friend, Nicola, if he would write some music… and he, of course did without hesitation. He wrote a hot, spicy, latin composition specifically for her–because that’s what she embodies: a LOVELY hot, spicy, latin gal!! This video contains the music along with some photo plans I interjected that we have for this Fall. I hope to show her all of my favorite spots and peeps… and also make some new memories together!! Carmen’s (TRULY) The Girl Everyone Should Know! I continue to be blessed beyond description, to know her and count her one of my closest friends and Sisters. Whooo!! 🙂 (Special thank you to all the wonderful musicians who helped me put this together!) 🙂 🙂



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