A little Valentine’s Day Song

Special thank you to the online band:

Nicola Offidani (guitars, keys, strings, music, inspiration) + Alex Zulaika (percussion, drums) + George Schiessl (bass) + Kurt P. (strings) + Rab M (engineering)

Pretty Pretty Boy

2017 copyright Kim Noble
There’s not a lot I need in this world.
Bright red gems are for those other girls.
Chocolates, flowers, fancy watches.
Pearls and golden heart-shaped lockets.

What I have is found in liquid.
Pools for eyes and soft-hearted kisses.
Warming me with head to toe feelings.
Telling me that real men can also be pretty.

Pretty Pretty Boy, the most beautiful of all.
Pretty smile showing the jewels of your heart.
Pretty much have all my attention.
And I pretty much love you most of all.

Doesn’t happen all that often.
Chances are usually slim to nothing.
Your love makes me want to be a better person.
I’m pretty sure I hope you’ll want my lovin’.



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