Fall Down Chord Chart

Hi All, I’m starting a new musical journey (side street?) 🙂 documenting learning to play the ukulele. I thought I would add a page where I list the chords for the original songs that I add from my videos. Please feel free to play them. All I ask is that if you record and post publicly, add in a link of this website somewhere. I’ll post the corresponding video link below each song! Thank you! 🙂

Fall Down:

Intro: C     F  G   C

[G]I can’t [C]forget this [G]part of [FGC]regret

[G]Where you left me [AC]slowly, [G]step by [C]step.

[G]So what happens [C]next?  [G]When all that’s[FGC] finally left

[G]Are dead notes and [AC]raw emotions [G]better left [C]unsaid.

[A]You make me [C]feel like [A]it was never [CG]real.  

[A]And I [C]don’t want to [FGC] eep going round because in the [G]end we always [C]Fall Down.

[G]Settle the [C]score. “Cause [G]I’m tired of [FGC]playing your war.

[G]We keep fighting [A]from the ground and [G]I don’t want [C]anymore..

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