Rise Up::Christian Renz::Producer


Christian Renz::Producer::Mix::Keys::Bass::Drums::Additional Instruments::Lyrics
D. Rasolonirina::Backup Vocals
Kim Noble::Lead Vocal::Backup Vocals

Christian Renz (www.renzwertig.com) is a worship leader from Shanghai, China and wrote this song for a Conference back in January. He wanted to have a production of it and here is the result. Diana added some terrific backup vocals to make the song a beautiful, worshipful song as unto our Lord. Enjoy!


Rise up O people of God
Take hold of the calling given to you
Rise up O people of God
Walk in His authority
Rise up O people of God
Cling to your King with all of your love
Rise up O people of God
Giving Him your everything
Letting go of all the things that hold you back.
Fix your eyes on Jesus your King.
We walk in your blessing;
We walk in your power;
We walk in the promises of God.
Proclaiming your kingdom
Proclaiming your favor
Proclaiming the glory of our God.

WORSHIP::Rod Smith::Producer

Rod Smith::Producer::Guitar::Bass::Drums
Ken Ferretti::Mix::Master::Keyboards::Synth
Kim Noble::Lyrics::Vocals

Rod Smith is a Christian Producer and Artist from West Virginia and is the first full collaboration I was privileged to work on and provided my current connection with Producer, Ken Ferretti. Rod continues to be a very strong Christian presence in a sea of musicians and producers. He is a joy to work with and a model to imitate.

This song is available for purchase. Please contact me directly if interested.


Verse 1:
Oh the mercy and kindness of unfailing love
And the goodness and wisdom He gives from above.

We worship His name; an offering we raise
We honor HIm for He gives greater grace.

Verse 2:
Jesus saves those who trust Him; to Him be all praise.
Humbly serving; forgiving; and heals all our shame.

Verse 3:
Tender Father, never leaving; He always abides
Every need of His children; He fully supplies.

Verse 4:
All the justice and righteous judgments are His
Never wavers; nor falters; eternally lives

2014 Copyright Kim Noble

Lost In The Fog::Ken Ferretti::Producer

Ken Ferretti::Producer::Mix::Master::Keyboards
Ed Silva::Guitar
Kim Noble::Lyrics::Vocals

Ken Ferretti is an experienced and well-versed Christian music artist based out of Italy. He is a kind Producer and experienced musician with a generous attitude toward collaboration.


Lost In The Fog

I have stood in shadow’s banks of darkened shores.
And felt the cold, dark night while deafening, tempest roar.
The clashing of the tyrants waging their own war.
The bounty is my life if fear consumes my soul.

When I’m lost in the fog and I begin to shake
The howling wind of cares exposes all my shame.
The constant pounding by a sea of loveless waves.
The rushing of the tide that tries to drown my faith.

I will look up; remembering Who You are.
I will trust you; for you’re a faithful God.
I will not doubt though tempest rages on.
I will stand my ground and hope in You, alone.

2014 Copyright Kim Noble