The So-Far Revolutions of UkeBaby Kim

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Greetings To All Who View… Hi Mom and Dad! 🙂 🙂

I haven’t abandoned here, but just taking a quick(ish) hiatus.  Meanwhile, in good faith, I am posting this quick collage pic to show how far I’ve come; knowing how far I have to go! Uke on! 🙂  🙂

Sommerregen (A Million Miles) Original Song Inspired by Markus Leberecht


Today’s Sunday Fun-day tune! As some of you know, I have the opportunity to write songs under KimNobleMusic. Sometimes, I like to mesh the two interests: singer-songwriter and ukulele baby. 🙂 This is one such time.  This song was written for Markus Leberecht’s (Klangsport) track Sommerregen which has a beautiful piano structure.    I am hoping to introduce this at my next live gig coming up soon! 🙂 Thank you for listening! 🙂

Original Ukulele Song:: I Didn’t Know

Happy Dappy World Ukulele Day! I know I’ve been quietly lately but I wanted to share this new tune called, I Didn’t Know, on one of the happiest days of the year!  🙂 Just a quick rough recording! 🙂 I hope to introduce this newbie at some upcoming gigs! Thanks so much and enjoy the day today—whether you are celebrating World Uke Day; Groundhogs Day, Friend’s Day and/or Good Ol’ Fashioned Thursday! 🙂 #Kala #d’addario #originalmusic

Stage Fright… Fight or Flight?

I belong to a few online ukulele clubs and I have been blessed with meeting some crazy, likeminded ukers who have been enjoying, not only the musicality of the mini-instrument; the versatility of its “voice”; but also the camaraderie of the subculture that comes with strumming the stuffing out its tiny body in almost any season of life.  The joy it brings to so many from all walks of life seems unparalleled relative to just about any other community.  The bonding taking place is practically immediate with superhuman loyalty which becomes apparent when the slightest uke topic pops up and ukers from around the world swarm the discussion like a happy bunch of honeybees honoring the Queen post–buzz buzz buzz.

One of these sweet topics, a dear girlfriend brought up in the form of a question:  Do we have any tips for her in terms of live performance frights?  It started quite a buzz in the closed community and as per usual quite a few people pollinated the thread with their experiential tips, trained wisdom, and you-can-do it encouragement.

Now, I have only been playing ukulele for about a year, however, I have been performing most of my life–in varying degrees.  In school: plays, musicals, public debate groups, performance art, etc.  In life: public speaking, church, choir, solos, etc. And don’t get me started in counting all of the lectures I’ve given my kids… nark, nark, nark, nark.  The tiny instrument o’joy has allowed me to branch out on my own schedule to start actively seeking out live gigs but performance has typically been a part of whatever period of life I’ve been blessed to participate in.

Performance anxiety appears to be one of those human challenges which affects all walks of life no matter status, culture, background… it is an equal opportunity choke-holder and knee-buckler.  So, I thought I would put together a small list of ways people encourage themselves and fight through the nerves instead of taking flight, which can often be our first reaction.

My standard disclaimer:  Don’t be ‘bullied’ or ‘coerced’ into thinking that you HAVE to perform if you play an instrument. We are all built differently–each designed for specific tasks according to personality, character, temperament, etc.  Just because someone performs doesn’t necessarily mean they’re “braver” than someone who doesn’t.  Some of us are just designed for it and desire it.  If you find great joy and contentment in only strumming alone in your living room–then by all means revel in it!!  Many people would be so fortunate to have found such a wonderful hobby that helps release tension and gives such great satisfaction!  🙂

But for those who want to “Fight” through; here are some tips, advice, and encouragements I’ve picked up along the way, including my own experiences.

  1. “Fighting” through is often a mental game.  Find what helps you win that mental game and practice it.
  2. Try to find a supportive audience to practice in front of.
  3. Remind yourself you’re there to contribute something to the audience and they typically want to be there too.
  4. Practice.
  5. Be yourself.
  6. If you make a mistake; just move on. Practice playing through mistakes.
  7. Confess your nervousness to the audience.
  8. Try not to worry or think about  leading up beforehand. Keep yourself distracted while you wait. [author’s note: This is a great tip.  Unfortunately, I can’t overcome this.  If I’m not expecting my turn–I almost go into a full-on electric shock panic when my name is called.  My preference is to anticipate so I can be practicing the songs in my head and know when my turn is up.  Different strokes for different folks, Folks. Buzz!] 🙂
  9. Practice.
  10. When performing, pretend you’re somewhere else comfortable to you.
  11. Work on expressing yourself through your emotions instead of suppressing them.
  12. Practice somewhere comfortable and take that image and feeling with you into the performance.
  13. Remember to keep breathing!
  14. Try to get sleep, eat, exercise and hydrate.
  15. Perfection should not be your goal; performance should be. Try and concentrate on the latter goal instead of the former one.
  16. Performing with friends on stage, helps.
  17. Practice.
  18. Remind yourself that a bit of nerves are good because it helps you perform better.  In other words: accept your nerves–don’t fight them.
  19. Even Adele gets physically nervous!  🙂  🙂 So why shouldn’t we?
  20. Keep on keeping on!

# 20 reminds me of:

uke(courtesy of

So there’s a short list of suggestions from some of my crazy likeminded ukulele cronies with my own tidbits here and there!  To say I haven’t gained a plethora of wisdom from being around a truckload of diverse people would be a mega understatement.  I hope you’ll feel free to comment and leave your own ways you stay and “Fight.”

Happy, Dappy Uke-ing and Buzz Buzz Buzz!! 🙂

~ UkeBaby Kim

Original Ukulele Song::You Know The Kind

It’s been a while since I’ve written a new song.  I become more and more thankful for my ukulele journey — now moving toward 8 months of playing, loving, and being ever more and more grateful! This original song is called, You Know The Kind.  Don’t let anyone steal your joy!  🙂 🙂  Blessings for a wonderful and happy dappy Thursday!! 🙂


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