2019 Hamburg Gig featuring guitarist Stefan Schaden


Had a lovely opportunity to sing a gig in Hamburg! Some originals//some covers. Special thank you my dear friend Kerry for her extremely kind support, companionship, love and videography! And to my generous and beautiful trumpet-player friend, Robert, for coming out! And thank you to Thomas from Altiererhaus 23! What an amazing project to support local artists they have going! 🙂



Custom Jingles and Songs

For Etsy customer 12.12.2019:

B requested a remake of an original song.  The original song had been lost.  I made two versions (piano only and full instrumental)

For Etsy repeat customer 06.2019:

R.D. requested an upbeat piano song about inspiration:

For Etsy customer 06.2019:

A. B. requested a song for a girl named Deanne

For Etsy customer 06.2019:

D.F. requested a birthday song for her husband’s 30th birthday

For Etsy customer 05.2019:

R. D. requested a re-make of an 18th Century song: All The Good Times


For the website HotButter.net

For the website INSIGHT

Enfield Mall Gig! :) So fun! :)

Last night was my final (scheduled) holiday gig of the season (sniffle). Special thanks to Angela from Enfield Mall for continuing to have me play! It’s always a pleasure!  I was so thrilled to have the lovely “Miss O.” accompany me on stage with her joyous and festive dance moves!!! Her sweet parents were kind enough to let me post this snippet!! A ukulele player in the making!? Me thinks so!!! Have yourself a merry little holiday and happy New Year!!! 💗 💗💗