The Emoticon Song Chords

Hi All, I’m starting a new musical journey (side street?) 🙂 documenting learning to play the ukulele. I thought I would add a page where I list the chords for the original songs that I add from my videos. Please feel free to play them. All I ask is that if you record and post publicly, add in a link of this website somewhere. I’ll post the corresponding video link below each song! Thank you! 🙂

Emoticon Song

Intro :: C Am C Am

C Am C Am
Turn a frown; upside down — make it square; make it round.

C Am C Am G C Am(repeat)
Feeling lonely, frustrated or upset? We got a funny, silly, sad face// for you to be able to express.

C Am C Am
All emotions a person feels – whatever happens; whatever is real.

C Am C Am G C Am (repeat)
Love, rage, sadness, goofy, or blue — different colors and sizes all for you.

It’s the Emoticon Song

Sing along; don’t be shy. But if you are, we got a guy … a face to show whats on the inside.

F G C Am
Happy or sad, mad or glad… we got it all here in the Emoticon Song.

C Am C Am
Doesn’t mean it’s all complete. Sometimes the faces don’t say what we mean.

C Am G G C Am (repeat)

But when you share with everyone and wanna get the job done—this is the next best thing.

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