Original Song::Don’t Ask Me To Dance


I like to write quirky songs–this be one of them. 🙂 This song is adapted for the ukulele based from lyrics and melody that I originally wrote to German Music Producer and Friend, Steffen Offermann’s {stoman.org} very fun track. Hope you enjoy! 🙂


Don’t Ask Me To Dance


[Am] He stormed quickly from the floor; headed out the door.


Like those [Dm] 20 times before; but he usually came [Am] back … for more.


[Am]I’d always look him straight in the eye questioning every reply


He’d give [Dm] excuses why he didn’t want to do[Am] it anymore.


[Gm]So I stood there with both feet glued to the floor [Am]refusing to give him anymore room I [Dm]swore I wouldn’t give up on him like I had [Dm] 20 times before.  He yelled,


[Em]“Don’t Ask Me to Dance. I don’t want this romance. [Am]No more chance of messing it up Like I’ve [Dm—finger up] done 20 times [Dm]before!”


[Em] He He yelled, “Don’t Ask Me to Dance.  Don’t you understand? [Am]I don’t want this chance so please stop [Dm] asking.  Don’t Ask Me to [Dm]Dance anymore!”  [Em]



[Am]He stormed quickly from the floor; but then turned around and asked, [Dm]  “Is it only love songs you want from me like[Am] all the times before?”


[Am]I responded with a glare, half smile; and full, dark stare.  [Dm] “Why can’t you just do this one thing for me like you’ve [Am]done 20 times, before.


[Gm]And I stood there with both feet glued to the floor [Am]refusing to give him anymore room I [Dm]swore I wouldn’t give up on him like I had [[Dm] 20 times before. He yelled,


[Dm]No romance. [Dm]   Don’t Ask Me to Dance [Am]No chance. [Dm]Don’t Ask Me to Dance


Original Song for the Ukulele::Thaw Out::Inspired by Tony Cas {StratCas} Music


9 weeks of uke playing and feel more and more grateful each day to have been encouraged to try this tiny instrument of happy, happy, joy, joy. 🙂 I hope wherever you’re at in your journey; you’re loving it too! Keep on keeping on, Folks! 🙂

I wrote these lyrics and melody a couple of years ago against a beautiful backing track created by Tony Cas of New York. He is an amazing musician and a nice friend. Thanks, Tony! 🙂


Try! An Original Song for the Uke :)


7 weeks today I started on my uke journey! This simple tune is dedicated to anyone who wants to Try!

Come find me at UkeBaby Kim if you’d like to follow along! 🙂


{**EDIT! I accidentally reset something incorrectly on my tuner so it’s off two semi-tones–in order to follow along, you can either re-tune your uke strings to D tuning or two-semitones down. I’m very sorry and will definitely try and correct it for the future so I have the correct chords! Thank you!}

Lullaby::Original Ukulele Song

Now at 5 1/2 weeks and decided I really needed to practice picking so I wrote this simple little song, titled, Lullaby to help me get going, practice and start the discipline of timing.

Follow along the journey of me self-learning the ukulele, if ye like:


6th Ukulele Video Journey::Original Song::Cheatin’Blues


Have had my ukulele 3 weeks and 1 day::Still addicted! 🙂 Debuting new original song::Cheatin’ Blues! 🙂

Chord Chart found here::

Cheatin’ Blues

2016 copyright Kim Noble

Capo 2nd fret

C  C   C7  C7

[C]I got the[C7] blues and [Am]you ain’t gotta [C]clue.

I [G]thought you played for [F]keeps; turns [C7]out you’re leavin’ me.[C]


[C]I don’t understand[C7] why [Am] I gotta hear this all second hand.[C]

[G]You tell all your [F] friends: That you  [C7]found somebody else ‘nd I’m [C7]  a dead [C]end.

[Dm]But you ain’t got the decency.  To [A7] tell me face to face … I got the Cheatin’[C] Blues.

[C]Don’t ever[C7] forget; that [Am] I’ll be your only [C]regret.

[G]Right now you got it [F] good. But [C7]one fine day you’ll fall where you [C] stood.



Strum – improv


C A7 A7 F F G C

C  C  C7   C7

[C]Life hold twists and [C7]turns. But [Am] I’m the one who thought I’d never be [C]burned.

[G]I hope she treats you [F]better than you [Am]ever ever ever treated [C] me.


Eye Like Punny Songs::Chords

Eye Like Punny Songs

[C]Eye like [G]punny jokes and silly [C7]rhymes,

And [F]poems that make you laugh and think about[C7] life.

[C]Eye like [G]funny songs that carry ewe along and [F]right some of the wrongs and make you wanna [C7]smile.

[F]To start us off we got a [C7]husband on a scale.

He’s [Dm]sucking in his gut and [Am]peering with [C7]wonder.

[F]His wife says to him, “Honey, [C7]that ain’t gonna help.”

He [Dm]responds, “Yeah, but now, I can [Am] see the [C7]numbers.”

[F]A Sunday School teacher asked her class,  [C7]“What did Jesus do? After being in a tomb?”

[Dm]She hinted, “It starts with the letter “R.”

[F]And with a lot of excitement, a girl [Am]yells,”Hey, I know… he (R)ecycled!”[C7]



[Dm]Did you ever ask yourself why koalas aren’t bears?

[C7]The answer is because they aren’t [Am] koala-fied.

[Dm]Have you ever wondered why It’s called pair-a-noia?

[C7]Because one-annoy-ya just [Am]isn’t enough!

[Dm]I sat up all night asking where the sun could be

[C7]Then, lo’ and behold, it [Am]*dawned* on me.

[Dm]And did you know you can tune ‘neath a piano lid

[C7]But you can never ever ever tune a tuna fish!


2016 copyright Kim Noble

Fall Down Chord Chart

Hi All, I’m starting a new musical journey (side street?):) documenting learning to play the ukulele. I thought I would add a page where I list the chords for the original songs that I add from my videos. Please feel free to play them. All I ask is that if you record and post publicly, add in a link of this website somewhere. I’ll post the corresponding video link below each song! Thank you!:)

Fall Down:

Intro: C     F  G   C

[G]I can’t [C]forget this [G]part of [FGC]regret

[G]Where you left me [AmC]slowly, [G]step by [C]step.

[G]So what happens [C]next?  [G]When all that’s[FGC] finally left

[G]Are dead notes and [AmC]raw emotions [G]better left [C]unsaid.

[Am]You make me [C]feel like [Am]it was never [CG]real.  

[Am]And I [C]don’t want to [FGC] eep going round because in the [G]end we always [C]Fall Down.

[G]Settle the [C]score. “Cause [G]I’m tired of [FGC]playing your war.

[G]We keep fighting [Am]from the ground and [G]I don’t want [C]anymore..