Just Promise Me (featuring music by Tony Fleitas)

Tony (Florida) approached me on the international music collaboration website I belong to (kompoz.com) about auditioning for a completely different song. While working on that song together, I listened to another one of his guitar tracks and immediately fell in love with it. The words seemed to write themselves as his magical guitar playing resonated in my head that day. He was gracious enough to allow me to sing and write words for it.

Raul (Florida) added the right touch of beat and George (South Carolina) came along with his ever-versatile but always fitting bass (that man can do everything!). 🙂 Nimara (Romania) added some light percussion and synth accompaniment while Nigel (Scotland) brought an uplifting strings, cello, and keys addition. Then, my dear friend, Stoman (Germany), who I ruthlessly call many different nicknames, but one thing is for sure; German engineering remains top notch—even with my less than perfect tracks to work with–mixed the song together making it into one cohesive music bouquet, as if we were all in the same studio room.

People connect to different songs; different genres; at different seasons in their lives. We hope you connect with this sweet song by Tony in whatever season you’re in. Thank you for listening! 🙂 ~ Kim


Tony Fleitas{mingyakyak}::Guitars::Songwriting
Raul Rodriguez{FigSounds}::Percussion
George Schiessl{GeorgeSC}::Bass
Nigel Robinson{Gemini}::Strings::Cello::Piano
Nimara Nicolae{n_ninel}::Chimes::Synth
Steffen Offermann{Stoman}::Mix::Master
Kim Noble::Vocals::Backups::Lyrics

Promise Me and I’ll promise you.
When we say, “I do.” It’ll mean something true.
Promise Me, you’ll never depart.
Let’s try and avoid the silly talk and start loving each other with our hearts.

I swear today. I’m here to stay.
If you Promise Me, I’ll be here always.
I swear today, I’ll forever stay.
Just Promise Me. Promise Me.

Promise Me and I’ll promise you.
Let’s avoid all the fancy rhetoric.
Keeping it simple will be much better.

We’ll never have to settle for less.
If we always give each other our best.
Just Promise Me.

2015 copyright Kim Noble

Silent Night; Quiet Night::Producer::Ken Ferretti

A modern rock version of an old classic. Merry Christmas to the world! 🙂


Ken Ferretti::Mix::All Instruments

Lonely Wolf::Lead Guitar
Kim Noble::Vocals::Alt. Lyrics

Silent Night; Quiet Night (adapt. Silent Night: Joseph Mohr and Rock-A-bye Baby: Kate Kenyon alt. lyrics: Kim Noble)

In the soft still of the evening
Unlike any other we’ve known
Comes a different sort of story
Love’s pure light finally shown.
Making right what once was vain
Setting flight to sin’s cruel reign
Silent Night Quiet night
All is calm;
All is bright
Young virgin mother and child
Go to sleep go to sleep
Tender and mild
Sleep in peace; sleep in heavenly peace
Son of God; love’s holy light
Shining bright Making it right
Born that night
Silent night
Rock a bye in the tree tops
When the wind blows that cradle will rock
Shepherds shake at the sight
Angels light up the midnight sky
Singing songs of quiet nights
Now that sin is put to flight

Rise Up::Christian Renz::Producer


Christian Renz::Producer::Mix::Keys::Bass::Drums::Additional Instruments::Lyrics
D. Rasolonirina::Backup Vocals
Kim Noble::Lead Vocal::Backup Vocals

Christian Renz (www.renzwertig.com) is a worship leader from Shanghai, China and wrote this song for a Conference back in January. He wanted to have a production of it and here is the result. Diana added some terrific backup vocals to make the song a beautiful, worshipful song as unto our Lord. Enjoy!


Rise up O people of God
Take hold of the calling given to you
Rise up O people of God
Walk in His authority
Rise up O people of God
Cling to your King with all of your love
Rise up O people of God
Giving Him your everything
Letting go of all the things that hold you back.
Fix your eyes on Jesus your King.
We walk in your blessing;
We walk in your power;
We walk in the promises of God.
Proclaiming your kingdom
Proclaiming your favor
Proclaiming the glory of our God.

Love Power::Ken Ferretti::Producer


Ken Ferretti::Producer::Keyboards::Guitar
Joey six aka “liljoe6string”::Electric Guitar
Dave Boyer::Bass
{THE} FIGSOUNDS::Percussion
Kim Noble::Vocals::Lyrics

This is the longest stretch of time in production, so far, that I have been involved with working for my good and trusted friend-Producer, Ken. This was the second contemporary song I auditioned for and is just finally seeing the end but it was well-worth the wait. With the famous “lilJoe6” on lead electric guitar, the steady thump of heart-pounding bass by Dave Boyer, and the last minute treasure of FIGSOUNDS powerful percussion now driving the song–this pop song received an infusion that none of us realized would happen when it first was being composed. We are very grateful!


There’s a love power that’s stronger than anything inside of me.
It keeps me going and pressing on and helps me to believe.

It has no boundaries in this world or fear of anything.
And lifts me up to higher ground where I can freely breathe.

I find myself needing to draw from its endless stream.
For without this love power I’d fall from grace too easily.

It’s a love power

It takes and changes me
And builds my faith and sets me free
From the effects of others faults and hurts
And helps forgive them easily.
It breaks and humbles me
If I try to run it comes for me.
And I know that I am never free
Until my blind eyes start to really see
That it’s a love power.

2014 Copyright Kim