Cover Song::The Way I Am::Ingrid Michaelson

Upgraded my phone today so what’s a UkeJunkie like me to do? Why test the a/v of course! 🙂 Cover Song: The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson. During a thunderstorm and all! Happy Saturday! 🙂



6th Ukulele Video Journey::Original Song::Cheatin’Blues


Have had my ukulele 3 weeks and 1 day::Still addicted! 🙂 Debuting new original song::Cheatin’ Blues! 🙂

Chord Chart found here::

Cheatin’ Blues

2016 copyright Kim Noble

Capo 2nd fret

C  C   C7  C7

[C]I got the[C7] blues and [Am]you ain’t gotta [C]clue.

I [G]thought you played for [F]keeps; turns [C7]out you’re leavin’ me.[C]


[C]I don’t understand[C7] why [Am] I gotta hear this all second hand.[C]

[G]You tell all your [F] friends: That you  [C7]found somebody else ‘nd I’m [C7]  a dead [C]end.

[Dm]But you ain’t got the decency.  To [A7] tell me face to face … I got the Cheatin’[C] Blues.

[C]Don’t ever[C7] forget; that [Am] I’ll be your only [C]regret.

[G]Right now you got it [F] good. But [C7]one fine day you’ll fall where you [C] stood.



Strum – improv


C A7 A7 F F G C

C  C  C7   C7

[C]Life hold twists and [C7]turns. But [Am] I’m the one who thought I’d never be [C]burned.

[G]I hope she treats you [F]better than you [Am]ever ever ever treated [C] me.


Fall Down Chord Chart

Hi All, I’m starting a new musical journey (side street?):) documenting learning to play the ukulele. I thought I would add a page where I list the chords for the original songs that I add from my videos. Please feel free to play them. All I ask is that if you record and post publicly, add in a link of this website somewhere. I’ll post the corresponding video link below each song! Thank you!:)

Fall Down:

Intro: C     F  G   C

[G]I can’t [C]forget this [G]part of [FGC]regret

[G]Where you left me [AmC]slowly, [G]step by [C]step.

[G]So what happens [C]next?  [G]When all that’s[FGC] finally left

[G]Are dead notes and [AmC]raw emotions [G]better left [C]unsaid.

[Am]You make me [C]feel like [Am]it was never [CG]real.  

[Am]And I [C]don’t want to [FGC] eep going round because in the [G]end we always [C]Fall Down.

[G]Settle the [C]score. “Cause [G]I’m tired of [FGC]playing your war.

[G]We keep fighting [Am]from the ground and [G]I don’t want [C]anymore..

The Last Goodbye::William Playlie::Producer

Because sometimes just a piano and strings will do. Producer, William “WP” Playlie is the kind of talented and skilled professional a musician always feels lucky to have worked with. For someone like me; it is truly an honor! 🙂 🙂


William Playlie::Producer::Piano, Strings, Engineering
Kim Noble::Lyrics, Vocals


Hold On::Mark Jackson::Producer

There are times in music collaboration when magic just happens. It’s nothing you’ve done or worked for but someone just comes along and sprinkles fairy dust on an offering and BAM! It becomes a a beautiful song that you did not anticipate. This is one of those times.

I uploaded some a-capella singing (lead vocals and backups) and Mark Jackson of Portugal came along and added rhodes, guitar fun, a spiffy guitar solo, and some energetic percussion to make it oh sooo sweet! And my plaid brother, Nigel, from Scotland added his mastering touch to the track.  Here’s the result–we hope you enjoy it! 🙂 🙂


Mark Jackson{mjac}::Rhodes::Guitars::Percussion::Mixing
Nigel Robinson{Gemini}::Mastering
Kim Noble::Lyrics::Vocals::Backups


Take your time and finish what you started.
Like in life; rushing through half-hearted;
Only leads to more and more trouble.
This time around we gotta be careful.

So Hold On to me.

Don’t ever wanna face a day without you.
My dreams are always filled with us in view.
Make these moments count and let’s slow down.
And leave the cares and worries for others to doubt.

Remember when you’re scared and feeling low.
I’m the one who cares and would love to show
Each time you fall away, I’m here for you.
You’re never out of reach for me to come through.

2015 copyright Kim Noble


Breakout::Billy LeCoq-Mauvais::Producer

It’s hard to believe it’s been over five months since we put this song together. Yet, I’m still surprised and delighted that Billy, a premier musician and engineer, found my audition for RX’s industrial music and decided to put some of his magical producing energy into it. I like to think of Billy as the Willy Wonka of music because he truly is “the man with the golden ticket.” His education, experience, skill and heart to make not just entertaining music, but “smart” tunes as well; makes him one of the premier producers to work with; and I was thrilled to be able to be part of this great production.

Here’s our rendition of this dystopian-themed tune started by the fabulous RX!

Billy LeCoq-Mauvais{sriracha::Producer::Guitar::Engineer
RX::Instrumental Bedtrack
Cliff Stevens::Guitar
Kim Noble::Lyrics::Vocals::Backups


You’re just another number to them.
A shadowy figure to forget.
A bar code; generic; someone to push around.
It’s just another Monday to live.
A uniform to show no hers or his.
The masses two by two; they march putting one foot in front of the other.

Breakout; don’t let them see you broken. Take out all the pieces that no longer fit because you’re whole and put back everything they’ve stolen from you; you’ve got to refuse, They’ll never give in. You must make amends with yourself and Breakout of the mold they keep trying to push you back in. Breakout to win back yourself. Breakout.

2015 copyright Kim Noble

Now That You’re Gone::featuring Tony Fleitas music and Kip Dalpe Singing and Guitar

This is my first original song live recorded on a horrible tablet but cleaned up and mastered by the master engineer himself, Nigel Robinson (Gemini) of Scotland.

Tony Fleitas (mingyakyak) created this beautiful music and melody. This version features Kip Dalpe (singing partner extraordinare) singing backups and playing a beautiful guitar.

This was only for practice but had to post this since it’s our very first live recorded *ORIGINAL* tune!! Special thanks to Tony, Kip and Nigel!! Hope you enjoy it as much as we had fun singing it!! 🙂 🙂

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