My Soul’s Romance::Original Song for the Ukulele

Five weeks and 3 days! What a wonderful ride full of bumps, bruises and mostly blessings! 🙂 Here, I feature a brand new, original song on my upgraded acoustic-electric uke called, My Soul’s Romance.

Also, I created this Facebook Page called UkeBaby Kim 🙂 🙂 if anyone is interested in following this ukulele newbie. 🙂 My goal is simply to encourage anyone and everyone who wants it. Particularly those people who have been discouraged by inside fears and outside elitists. Will plan on posting encouragements, funnies, and thoughts for the journey as I travel! I will also include the chord charts for any original, ukulele songs and post some special collaborations where international friends have added mixing magic and instruments to some of the original songs to complete tracks. I have about 6 originals written for the ukulele if anyone wants very simple, easy, fluffy pop tunes to practice with. 🙂

Happy S(uke)nday to Everyone! 🙂

Hold On::Mark Jackson::Producer

There are times in music collaboration when magic just happens. It’s nothing you’ve done or worked for but someone just comes along and sprinkles fairy dust on an offering and BAM! It becomes a a beautiful song that you did not anticipate. This is one of those times.

I uploaded some a-capella singing (lead vocals and backups) and Mark Jackson of Portugal came along and added rhodes, guitar fun, a spiffy guitar solo, and some energetic percussion to make it oh sooo sweet! And my plaid brother, Nigel, from Scotland added his mastering touch to the track.  Here’s the result–we hope you enjoy it! 🙂 🙂


Mark Jackson{mjac}::Rhodes::Guitars::Percussion::Mixing
Nigel Robinson{Gemini}::Mastering
Kim Noble::Lyrics::Vocals::Backups


Take your time and finish what you started.
Like in life; rushing through half-hearted;
Only leads to more and more trouble.
This time around we gotta be careful.

So Hold On to me.

Don’t ever wanna face a day without you.
My dreams are always filled with us in view.
Make these moments count and let’s slow down.
And leave the cares and worries for others to doubt.

Remember when you’re scared and feeling low.
I’m the one who cares and would love to show
Each time you fall away, I’m here for you.
You’re never out of reach for me to come through.

2015 copyright Kim Noble


Now That You’re Gone::featuring Tony Fleitas music and Kip Dalpe Singing and Guitar

This is my first original song live recorded on a horrible tablet but cleaned up and mastered by the master engineer himself, Nigel Robinson (Gemini) of Scotland.

Tony Fleitas (mingyakyak) created this beautiful music and melody. This version features Kip Dalpe (singing partner extraordinare) singing backups and playing a beautiful guitar.

This was only for practice but had to post this since it’s our very first live recorded *ORIGINAL* tune!! Special thanks to Tony, Kip and Nigel!! Hope you enjoy it as much as we had fun singing it!! 🙂 🙂

Just Promise Me (featuring music by Tony Fleitas)

Tony (Florida) approached me on the international music collaboration website I belong to ( about auditioning for a completely different song. While working on that song together, I listened to another one of his guitar tracks and immediately fell in love with it. The words seemed to write themselves as his magical guitar playing resonated in my head that day. He was gracious enough to allow me to sing and write words for it.

Raul (Florida) added the right touch of beat and George (South Carolina) came along with his ever-versatile but always fitting bass (that man can do everything!). 🙂 Nimara (Romania) added some light percussion and synth accompaniment while Nigel (Scotland) brought an uplifting strings, cello, and keys addition. Then, my dear friend, Stoman (Germany), who I ruthlessly call many different nicknames, but one thing is for sure; German engineering remains top notch—even with my less than perfect tracks to work with–mixed the song together making it into one cohesive music bouquet, as if we were all in the same studio room.

People connect to different songs; different genres; at different seasons in their lives. We hope you connect with this sweet song by Tony in whatever season you’re in. Thank you for listening! 🙂 ~ Kim


Tony Fleitas{mingyakyak}::Guitars::Songwriting
Raul Rodriguez{FigSounds}::Percussion
George Schiessl{GeorgeSC}::Bass
Nigel Robinson{Gemini}::Strings::Cello::Piano
Nimara Nicolae{n_ninel}::Chimes::Synth
Steffen Offermann{Stoman}::Mix::Master
Kim Noble::Vocals::Backups::Lyrics

Promise Me and I’ll promise you.
When we say, “I do.” It’ll mean something true.
Promise Me, you’ll never depart.
Let’s try and avoid the silly talk and start loving each other with our hearts.

I swear today. I’m here to stay.
If you Promise Me, I’ll be here always.
I swear today, I’ll forever stay.
Just Promise Me. Promise Me.

Promise Me and I’ll promise you.
Let’s avoid all the fancy rhetoric.
Keeping it simple will be much better.

We’ll never have to settle for less.
If we always give each other our best.
Just Promise Me.

2015 copyright Kim Noble

Kiss Me (Ed Sheeran Cover)::Yann Kifer::Producer

A special thanks to French composing wizard, Yann Kifer; mixing guru, Simon Lenaerts; mastering shark, Jenn Nulsen and ground crew extraordinaire, Luke Jones, for helping me re-create this sweet, romantic cover of Ed Sheeran’s delightful tune, Kiss Me. Maybe enjoy it with the one you love?? 🙂 🙂


Yann Kifer::Producer::Music Composition::All Instruments
Simon Lenaerts::Mix Engineer
Jenn Nulsen::Mastering Engineer
Luke Jones::Music Coordinator
Kim Noble::Vocals::Backups

Distributed under these licenses:

Mechanical License through HFA:: 2169856

Distribution License through CD Baby:: UPC code 889211496921

Handcuffs::Burak Babacan::Producer

Burak is one of those producers who knows exactly what he wants and is meticulous about his music. When he asked me to sing his lyrics on this track, I was unsure if I could deliver but the first 20 seconds into the music, I knew I wanted to try. Burak is in Turkey and, of course, every country has their own “cool kids” lot. I imagine he was one of those super cool kids who gave a slight nod in the hallways at school every time he would pass you. He’s probably not changed his “cool factor” much now—at least that’s what his music might suggest. 🙂 🙂

Hope you enjoy this jazzy tune all the way from the “cool halls” of Turkey.


Burak Babacan{CoincidenceControlOffice}::Producer::All Instruments; Lyrics
Kim Noble::Lead vocal::Backups

Sweet Lullaby::Producer::Nicola Offidani

A sweet, easy-going yet powerful lullaby containing many contrasts both in musical composition and lyrical form. Special thank you to Andy (AndrewB) who gave such depth and refinement to this piece, And George (GeorgeSC) who laid a heart-warming bass line. And then Mike (Slackjaw1) came along and acted as mixing//mastering conductor of our mini-orchestra. We hope you enjoy this dramatic interpretation of a lullaby.


Nicola Offidani::Producer::Guitar, Synth, Strings
George Schiessl::Bass
AndrewB::All Percussion
Mike Reeves::Mix::Master
Kim Noble::Lyrics, Vocals, Backup Vocals


Sweet Lullabye
A soft Lullaby
In the quiet and still of the night
For those moments that are sweet,
When the needs arise.
Sleep, sweet, Lullaby.

Then take me as I am.
A heart like a lion and the touch like a lamb.
Make me a promise I can find.
When the evening fades too quickly
And the moon tries to hide. Sleep, sweet, Lullaby.

Come find me as I am.
The fierce of a soldier with a soft gentle hand.
Take me away from this cruel life.
And sing me the songs that break through the night.
Sing me this, Sweet Lullaby.

2015 copyright Kim Noble

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